5 Alternative Proteins For Vegetarians

5 Alternative Proteins For Vegetarians


A healthy and balanced vegetarian diet can be a very effective solution for a wide range of health problems that people face every day. Lowering high cholesterol to lose weight, vegetarian food is a great option to treat all health problems. Many people are turning to vegetarianism to change your lifestyle completely. This leads to the need for certain foods that contain protein that can be consumed without contain too much to choose the meat-learning department.

Here I have five high protein foods, which are free of animal vegetarian options can be tested finished. Enjoy these foods on a daily or weekly basis.

1) chickpeas

Protein: 7.3 g 1/2 cup

Also known as chickpeas, they are linked to manganese and molybdenum. According to the survey, chickpeas offer 7.3 grams of protein in just a half cup. They are also rich in fiber, protein, iron, zinc and phosphorus to promote healthy lifestyles. Make hummus, Falafel and a variety of curry beans and get enough protein you need.

2) Quinoa

Protein: 8 g per 1 cup (cooked)

It is one of the healthiest alternative health food protein world. Quinoa is an excellent substitute grains of meat, and can be used as an alternative to rice, pasta and couscous. You can add one of your favorite seeds for salads, soups and cereals, as well as quinoa, is a good addition to scrambled eggs. These food products enriched in protein, not only to improve the taste of food, but also the nine essential amino acids that does not naturally produce the body. It is also rich in iron, fiber, manganese and magnesium.

3) Almonds

Protein: 6 g per 1 oz

Want to lose weight? Eat almonds before hitting the gym, because the natural weight loss pills called. Eating a little more than a quarter cup of nuts can reduce weight more effectively than snack carbohydrates. Almonds are also an excellent source of vitamin E and good fats that burn fat and carbohydrates during exercise. They also contribute to heart health and control of chronic diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

4) cream cheese

Protein: 13 grams per ½ cup

When it comes to healthy snacks, cheese is one of the best options. It is a great addition to salads, you can also curries and its replacement by other cheeses for fattening. In addition, you can eat your favorite little fruit full of protein. The cottage cheese is rich in lean protein, calcium and low in calories.

5) Soymilk

Protein: 8 g per 1 cup

Like traditional Asian cuisine, soy milk is a healthy blend of oil, water and protein. It is an excellent source of protein and its role deserves a great as a possible alternative to meat. With few calories and zero cholesterol, this is a healthy drink, not only to avoid eating too much, but it also keeps your metabolism. You stuck and glued instead of regular milk and is rich in vitamins, vitamin B12, vitamin D and potassium to ensure your overall health.

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