Between Hope and The Dream In the Land Between

Between Hope and The Dream In the Land Between


There is a place where we all find hatred. In the land between the two. Between a good situation and the next good situation. Between a good life and the next good period of life. We are currently in place, and is very familiar. However, we are the people of God; We learn what we can while we are here, and not give up.

The land between the right places is full of bitter, humiliating and desperate experiences. This is the land of hope and dreams, never quite good, the country terribly foreign at once.

The ground between the two is where one learns in the day that clinging should remain the vision, although not yet seen.

Having on earth among us, we do not learn not to focus on being on earth among us.

It does not have to be on the ground in between is something we should avoid. We can not do anything about it, so why try? Although the country between them is a vacant land, open opportunities for growth, so we sat on the ugliness of these emotions, collecting the conscious memory of them, and Jesus there we have withdrawn from the desert , At that time, in the belief that God a plan to get us back to our dream. We prepared, and we were ready.

The middle earth is a topography of complaint and embarrassment, but also a comprehensive overview of the guidelines for the humble of heart.

Jesus teaches us to trust when every scaffolding security snatched from our grasp.

And then, when one finally sees the dream arises in reality, we find that our new trust is a prerequisite for what God is doing to prepare in advance for our team.

The land between the preparation of the country for the ultimate ends of God by us.

Steve Wickham is a graduate in science, divinity and counseling. Steve writes: and

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