Eating Well When Those Around You Don't

Eating Well When Those Around You Don't

Eating Well
Eating Well
The fact that you have decided to take their health in hand, avoiding sugar, grains and processed foods do not want your friends, family and colleagues. There will be no shortage of events in the intestines of cakes or pasta mountains before placing them with enough to raise the glucose level by walking past the dessert table sugar.

The simpler the event. No one knows what you eat, you can choose and if you think that the elections will not be good to eat before you go.

Restaurants are usually easy when you can eat well and no one would notice. Some kitchens require some Chinese thinking, avoid sweet sauces and just have some rice. India is the same, only share a nan bread and a dry food like chicken tikka.

Social barbecue is simple; There is usually a lot of meat and salad. A carefully prepared meal with someone who does not want to offend is the most difficult. Just bite the ball and eat the main meal, then feigning fullness and avoid or just have a taste of dessert.

Your choice is simply eating or explaining the virtues of sugar or cereals and never invited to return to the opening night.

I think I'll go with the flow when I go to my mom, I guess they think I'm crazy, after all these voluntarily give cakes and biscuits.

At home may be the only one to be food. It can serve as pasta or rice, but eat by itself. If you have small children then send the pantry and refrigerator. You do not feed food favors that harm them.

As for teenagers; good luck! Despite some bodies, he knows, and you have much more impact on them.

I mentioned in a previous post, which houses the road a land of food waste; You need your snack to be seduced by the hand or risk through the waste mountains posing as food.

Spending time around sports or affected interests have their own challenges, there is usually a lot of alcohol. You can have a drink, but lots of drinks to get defeated. Alcohol loves salty snacks that can lead to the end of the night kebab with something described as a lamb but probably never entered a green meadow.

Know why you are eating well remembering often and enjoy the food you support.

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