Quit Smoking - What Is Your Identity?

Quit Smoking - What Is Your Identity?

Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking

How do you yourself and the words you use to stop describing themselves critical to your success could observe.

Most smokers say, "I am a smoker," which means that they are clearly identified as a smoker. Inadvertently, this means that the quit smoking will be more difficult as a result of this, a new identifier.

The distribution is even more complex. A smoker might say that the smoke to relieve stress or smoke to relax or smoke when I'm bored, so lighten Each mini identities, but they can be changed.

I think most smokers, when they come for hypnosis session has already released a number of these identities. Most realize that they are independent because they know they can go without smoking at certain times, or realize that cigarettes are just more anxious, not less.

These results help to stop some identification. The next step for the session is to change into a smokescreen be a smoker.

This does not seem important, but the difference between a smoker and is a smoker is enormous. This is the difference between stopping and not leave.

The next step is that during the session to be a smoker. Make a clear decision is a smoke critical. Do not end the session and say something like, "I hope it works and see how it goes."

It is the language of one who introduced the process to clearly identify smoking. In other words, there was a total lack of effort, and perhaps an attitude of the therapist wish to solve the problem of the smoke.

If you read a lot, I think you understand the importance of apart from their old smoker identity. But also it creates the belief that you can change. It is very difficult to achieve anything in life if we do not believe we can do it.

If you do not think you can stop when you need to take a number of steps in the series to pass the faith. The funny thing is, change is nothing more than a decision and a commitment to your health and your future. Having decided that now change of identity, can make with the support of their new self-confidence, he is now ready to hypnosis to help you make the final change.

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I wish you the best of health

Ian Newton

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