The Levels of Teen Depression

The Levels of Teen Depression

It is important to understand what depression in teenagers. Many believe that to be sad about something is the same as being depressed. That's not true. When a teenager is suffering from depression, they maintain a constant level of sadness. This could be a number of reasons, but in most cases, the teenager does not know why.

The best way to help others understand is to imagine or draw three lines. The end result is the "lower level", the second line is the "intermediate level" and the third line is the "highest level".

The lower level is marked 'not depressed'. This is a teenager who has the base of ups and downs, they had something that made them feel sad. Felt sadness is real. The difference is that this teenager has learned to deal with his sadness.

The intermediate level is marked as "depressed." A teenager who is here has had to happen something in their lives that they have not been able to cope with. The child does not understand the dark cloud that appears and disappears. This may seem happy teenager on the outside, but they tear themselves with inner confusion. Night is the worst part of your day. There is no one with them, it takes them to put that "fake" smile on their face. Many say that this teenager just wants "attention", but he really wants to be happy all the time. When this depressed place constant, all that is negative causes increased sadness.

Unable to deal with the original case, these teens are trying to escape the injury. This is the upper level called "major depressive mode." Anything that is negative will send a depressed teenager at this level. An act that may seem harmless, like a post on social networks, creates the same amount of pain that can be experienced with the death of a loved one. There are no limits. Wanting to understand the pain of this teenager feels once at this level leads them to create a pain. This is where a young person chooses to do harm. This law gives young pain control, and a brief relief from all the pain inside. It is not an act performed by attention.
That is why it is important to make known. If your teenager, your best friend, your girlfriend or boyfriend trying to talk to the pain you feel, do not tell them to overcome it. They want it to be that easy. The love and support that is needed.

Depression in teenagers is real and we all have to take steps in the realization of a loved one who is struggling. Please do not turn in the opposite direction. These teens do not want to feel that way.

Let's help grow your wings; His story is not over yet.




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