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In my work as a psychologist, I see so many people struggling to make life changes that they really would want to do. I have encountered the same thing in my personal life. Despite the best intentions, and good results from the transition to a healthier lifestyle, it can still be easy to reach for the cake, which cooks, as family size chip packets, or stay too long on This comfortable sofa sound.

Although it is not easy to change the understanding of certain forces that can help change our behavior. Our behavior is constantly influenced by more automatic responses than we probably know. The behavior can be amplified by one of the two processes, positive or negative reinforcement. When behaviors are strengthened, it is unlikely that this will help us make that long-term behavioral changes.

Positive reinforcement occurs when something we do is immediately followed by a rewarding result. During or shortly after everything we do, we have a good feeling. Negative reinforcement is when we stop feeling bad after what we do. Intermittent reinforcement, which can be positive or negative, has been strength training behavior even stronger. This is when a behavior is sometimes reinforced by positive or negative reinforcement, but sometimes not. Strengthening occurs when the consequences in the short term. The impact of long-term behavior, it will not tend to automatically strengthen or weaken one of our habits this way.

When we understand positive and negative reinforcement can be easy to understand why it is so difficult to stop some of our bad habits. Take plenty of food for example. The immediate effects of eating a pot of ice cream will often contain positive reinforcement (it feels good) and negative reinforcement (it takes our minds off our problems). The long-term effects is good, but has little effect on how behavior is reinforced. In fact when we feel bad about ourselves because of weight and health can sustain this goodwill for more ice because of the immediate consequences this has on temporarily relieving our negative thoughts.

It is always difficult to change bad habits. Training new healthy habits and making sure they are fun for us is usually a useful starting point. These new habits can somehow help us feel better, so we do not have to rely on bad habits so much more. Over time we may be able to recognize traction in the direction of a bad habit and conform to the underlying needs behind the back with a healthy alternative. Increased awareness through mindfulness can help us explore this trait before it is too strong for us to resist. It is likely that we will not be able to do this every time, and we do not. The more we are able to meet our underlying emotional needs in a healthy manner, the less frequent our destructive habits and the less impact they will have on our health and life in general.

Chris Penlington is a clinical attention teacher and psychologist working in the North East of England. It is about sharing the benefits of mindfulness in a way accessible to anyone who could benefit passionate. Http://

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