Risks of Untreated Chronic Back Pain

Untreated Chronic Back Pain Risks 

Chronic Back Pain
Back Pain

Pain can be a painful experience for the human body. The pain that is particularly troubling daily routine is the effectiveness of a person's work, and the emotional well-being of the influence. Back pain is a complex disease that has affected millions of people around the world. Back pain is considered chronic if it persists for more than 12-15 weeks. Chronic pain in the back, especially in the lower back is characterized by the sensation of pain and stiffness as well as stroke and burning sensation. Although diagnosed in most cases are caused by several factors, such as injuries / injuries, illness / infections and long-term stress in the back, there are cases where there is no clear cause of pain.

The severity of the pain is usually poorly calculated and the pain may not be treated. Illness, deterioration of consciousness, deterioration of the immune system and emotional insecurity, chronic low back pain can have a toll on personal and professional life. It affects our lives more than we can imagine.


Untreated back pain can be exacerbated in a short period of time. A person suffering from pain can not perform the usual activities, such as sitting in a place for a while, lifting heavy objects, running, swimming, sleeping or maneuvering in any position. People who are not aware of pain usually struggle to focus on the long term and face serious problems related to their work and personal lives.

Anxiety and stress

Long-term chronic pain in the back, and inability to diagnose and treat can lead to frustration and disappointment, and ultimately to anxiety and stress. Finding yourself is a burden to others, depending too much on the drug and not leading a normal life often lead to depression. Anxiety and stress can aggravate pain, so anxiety and anxiety should not stand in the way of treatment.

Medical Risks

Chronic pain can be a potential disease if left untreated. Orthognathic hospitals diagnose diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis and recurrent migraines that may be directly related to chronic low back pain. Recently, studies have shown that chronic pain can also affect the nervous system. Spinal cord cells and brains of age decrease at a much higher rate and it becomes more and more difficult for a person suffering from chronic pain to recover and do several things at once.


Untreated pain can be dangerous, so it must support the pain to be treated at an early stage and chronic pain should be avoided. This is the reason why orthology hospitals need to worry about the accurate and effective diagnosis of early disease. There is another common pain treatment early, such as regular physiotherapy exercises, balanced diet, medications, pain management therapies and regular checks. Ultimately, the treatment will depend on the individual and the severity of the pain. However, one thing is certain: early detection and treatment would always lead to a more painless lifestyle.

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