Why Do Problems Arise With Our Back

Why Do Problems Arise With Our Back

Why Do Problems Arise With Our Back
Our Back

Backache is, unfortunately, one of the great experiences of shared humanity.

This is incredibly commonplace and although it may be more prevalent in some cultures than others, it is nevertheless found around the globe.


It is probably fair to say that medical scientists do not always fully agree on the percentages of back pain that are attributable to this category. Even so, it has been said that the socio-behavioral changes of mankind on the relatively recent past (in evolutionary terms) seem to have run a little faster than the true evolutionary biology could follow!

Many respected experts point out that our spine is simply not ideally designed for walking and standing all the time. In fact, many will say that our spine still shows evidence of the time we used the limbs before to help us walk and run - the way many monkeys do today.

While this may all be true, it does not mean that we should all start some sort of "brewing" around with a curved back! What he says however is that our back is rather more susceptible to injuries and its associated pain than we would ideally like.

The clear message is that it is important to protect and generally "take care" of your back.


Accidents can, of course, inflict injuries on the back.

In the vast majority of cases, these injuries are relatively minor and usually affect parts of our muscles. In everyday language that is often called "twisting our backs" or perhaps "pulling a muscle".

These injuries can also be very painful and debilitating, but with analgesics and anti-inflammatories, they can often be managed. Sometimes surgery may be necessary to help and as part of recovery to total mobility and health, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment may be necessary.

Sometimes an injury can directly affect the elements of our spine itself. Such an injury is usually considered serious or potentially so and surgery combined with drug treatments may be necessary.


A very large amount of back pain comes from a class of problems generically related to our posture.

This affects the first point above. Today we live lives that place constraints on our skeletal structure, especially our back and neck, which have never been conceived by the evolution to be managed.

A good example is the many hours that many of us spend sitting lying on a desk and a PC screen. Nature has not seen that one comes and, therefore, our back can begin to oppose - painfully. Our musculature and the underlying spine may begin to deform and adopt positions that are unhealthy and likely to generate pain.

Chiropractic treatments can prove to be very beneficial for many patients here. They can help to relax and restore tired and misaligned muscles and joints, etc.

It is interesting to note that back pain can be exceptionally difficult for physicians to diagnose precisely in terms of causality. Many patients are unhappy to take ad-infinitum analgesics and especially in the absence of a known cause. These patients may find manipulations of chiropractors beneficial in the relief of pain.

Way of life

Another major cause of back pain comes from our lifestyle choices.

The nature of our posture as we work may not be something we can easily control even with ergonomic desktop design. However, we can control things such as:

Our lack of exercise / physical inactivity
Excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco
Our food
Stress (psychological and physical - for example, too much stress on the back during work).
Chiropractors and general practitioners have known for years that many of these factors can be enormously and negatively affect the health of our back as well as tell our cardiovascular system. For example, muscles under situations of emotional stress can become unhealthy tender and ripe for problems.

That is why prevention is emphasized today. Many chiropractors will offer an initial exam to help you understand the health of your spine and the surrounding musculature as well as what you can do to improve things.

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