Being Health Conscious Living With HIV

Being Health Conscious Living With HIV

Being Health Conscious Living With HIV

The best practices for people living with HIV and AIDS is to be health conscious. Be aware of health with HIV and AIDS means educating yourself about the virus, a low-fat, nutritious diet, proper exercise and taking prescribed medications, everything is positive, I am very open to. To add to my indifferent health conscious attitude I am also a cigarette smoker, which is a big no, not without a harmful health state.

One of the reasons I decided to be lazy in taking HIV medication because one of the side effects of these drugs is erectile dysfunction. But much more than anti-HIV drugs, the psychological impact of being HIV positive made me a eunuch because of the ever-present awareness of my illness and the negative consequences it can have on an innocent woman.

In other words, my genitals are really removed from my dream and my desire to have a loving and caring relationship with a woman was extinguished by the anxiety I feel of being the bearer of this horrible virus. So my diligence to be aware of health has been compromised by the feeling that my life, at least a healthy life, undergoes a penalty and an extreme deserved when I was diagnosed HIV positive.

Now that feeling of being a subhuman because it is HIV positive may well be a case of being too willing to sit in the boat pity and suicide by power, but the devil never lives.

My smoking habit is not only a health-conscious problem, but also one that gives me the impression of being a weak-minded person who was left placed under the control of ragweed. I quit smoking once in a while, then start to blow smoke. The terrible side of my smoking is that I isolated from human contact as much as possible over the past several years and the cigarettes have become a killer companion to alleviate loneliness.

Just for today, I'm clean and sober and I've been twenty years since I stopped using crack cocaine. I am not saying that smoking cigarettes is a difficult habit to break drugs or alcohol, but I was younger when I stopped using drugs and saw a light of day and in front of me did not aggravate my health problem with an avalanche of bad choices And decisions that made me feel even more inadequate and stupid, and with less energy to pursue a vigorous health conscious program.

Anyone can start thinking like me, I can suggest that erase now. Being HIV positive or AIDS is not the end of life, but only one of our lives challenges and manage successfully

Now I am old and ugly for me the bridge has already fallen into the creek and sank to the bottom, but a young person who is positive HIV or AIDS should live life to the fullest and work to find a cure for HIV and AIDS, or I would say, to ensure that those who have the cure for HIV and AIDS release the virus.

Being health conscious not only applies to a person who has an illness, but everyone who wants to be as mentally and physically sound as possible during this transient period of earthly existence.

For a person who is HIV positive or AIDS to be aware of health also means to be aware of the health of others. I do not recommend self-imposed isolation as a method of containment, but I suggest being attentive and considerate towards others is a viable approach to contain the HIV virus and AIDS.

I did it and I said things in my life that I feel deserves death, so for me to be an animated corpse is just and just punishment for me. I do not like being HIV positive. I do not like being a deadly weapon for the blood that runs through my veins.

I do not like that when I see a beautiful woman, my detestable virus makes me dumb and immobile. I'm embarrassed to smoke cigarettes, so I do it as quietly as I can in public, but my watch just a little more ticks has remained in it and hopefully I will die before my partner dies in the smoke kill me with a slow death and dying.

Being health conscious is not only a good thing to do, it is a must if you have a desire to be mentally and physically strong and energetic. A person can not afford to fall into a feeling of depression and almost despair, but at the end of the day, the day has come to an end, and life is too fragile and fleeting than losing a moment of it with ecological anger and self-pity.

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